Combat Report as submitted by
Capt. W.A. Bishop, D.S.O., M.C.
2 June, 1917

                                     COMBATS IN THE AIR                
                            Squadron:  No. 60                           Date: 2-6-17
                            Type and No. of Aeroplane: Nieuport Scout   Time:
                            Armament:     One Lewis Gun                 Duty:
                            Pilot:    Capt. W.A.Bishop DSO MC           Height:
                            Observer:       none
                            Remarks on Hostile Machine:-Type, armament, speed, etc.


                            I fired on 7 machines on the aerodrome, some of which
                            had their engines running.  One of them took off and I
                            fired 15 rounds at him from close range 60 ft. up and he
                            crashed.  A second one taking off, I opened fire and fired
                            30 rounds at 150 yds, range, he crashed into a tree.  Two
                            more were then taking off together.  I climbed and 
                            engaged one at <1,000 finishing my drum, and he
                            crashed 300 yds. from the aerodrome.  I changed drums
                            and climbed E.  A fourth H.A.1 came after me and I fired
                            one whole drum into him.  He flew away and I then flew
                            <1,000 under 4 scouts at <5,000 for one mile and turned
                            W. climbing.  The aerodrome was armed with one or more
                            machine guns.  Machines on the ground were 6 scouts
                            (Albatross type I or II) and one two-seater.                                  

Beneath this description, Bishop's commanding officer, Major Jack Scott commented:

                            Capt. Bishop had been encouraged to catch the H.A.
                            referred to in VII Corps Daily Intelligence Summary No.
                            151.  His method was not quite what I intended.  He was
                            several times at a height of 50 ft. over this enemy
                            aerodrome at least 17 miles E. of the lines.  His machine
                            is full of holes caused by machine gun fire from the
1H.A. refers to Hostile Aircraft.
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