Confidential Report submitted by
Major Jack Scott, C.O. No. 60 Squadron, RFC.
3 June, 1917

                 13th Wing, R.F.C.

                 I wish to make a special report on the extremely brilliant
                 individual attack on a German Aerodrome near
                 CAMBRAI, planned and executed by Capt. W.A. Bishop
                 D.S.O. M.C. on 2/6/17.

                 He left the ground before day-light and flew intending to
                 attack the aerodrome at NEUVILLE but on arriving
                 there found the hangars closed and no signs of any
                 activity.  He then flew S. and E. of CAMBRAI until he
                 arrived at an aerodrome where 7 machines were on the
                 ground, of which 3 or 4 had their engines running.  On
                 the first one taking off he fired 15 rounds from very close
                 range and the machine crashed; a second one he
                 similarly engaged and it flew into a tree.  Two more were
                 then taking off together, he finished his drum on one of
                 these and it fell 300 yards from the aerodrome.  The
                 fourth machine pursued him and he fired a whole drum 
                 into it but observed no result.  The above took place at
                 heights varying from 40 to 1,000 ft.  He then observed 4
                 scouts at 5,000 ft., climbed to 4,000' underneath them
                 and flew thus for a mile.  Finding the scouts were 
                 climbing at least as fast as he was himself, he turned
                 West and returned safely.

                 As a preliminary manoeuvre before any of the machines
                 above had left the ground, he engaged the mechanics who
                 were starting the engines and one at least of these was
                 observed to fall.  When he returned his machine was 
                 full of holes caused by machine guns with which the
                 aerodrome was armed.
                                         (signed)Major Jack Scott
                                         O.C. 60 Squadron, R.F.C.

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