I received this from a man I like to call "Friend".

Above is the title page from the War Amps Digest, "Hanging A Legend: The NFB's Shameful Attempt To Discredit Billy Bishop, VC", compiled and written by H. Clifford Chadderton, CEO of the War Amputations of Canada.

As I have been gathering information for these pages on Billy Bishop, and the controversy that Paul Cowan has stirred up around him, I came into contact with Mr. Chadderton in my quest for information. The digest mentioned above has been a source of much of this information. Not the sole source, but more like what I intend this site to be. A source that has almost all the information you could want on the Billy Bishop controversy in one place. Mr. Chadderton gathered, all the pertinent info from the Canadian Senate sub-committee hearings and from different publications as well and put them in the digest. I have also gathered info from other places, but this digest has proven to be the most single valuable asset I've received so far.

I presently have two copies, the first I received from another friend, Steven E. Dieter. This was when I started putting things together. The 2nd copy, I received recently from Mr. Chadderton, who at my request autographed it. For those who may have trouble reading the scanned graphic above, he wrote the following:

To: Al Lowe
It is a pleasure to send this
copy of Hanging a Legend. It
will be due to the interest of
wonderful people like you that
we can preserve our military
(signed) Cliff Chadderton 22 Oct 98

And no, I didn't ask for the 2nd copy specifically. The War Amps emailed and asked me if I wanted a copy to help in my research, they would send me one. I informed them that I already had a copy, but if Mr. Chadderton wouldn't mind, I would really like to have an autographed copy. He obviously didn't object at all to my request.
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