Debunking Heroes

Originally posted on The Aerodrome Forum on December 15, 1998 by Stephen Skinner in the message Thread "Blasphemy".

Why are we so obsessed with debunking heroes? Because we are a generation of unappreciative morons who have had everything handed to us by the sacrifices of previous generations. We haven't the slightest inkling of the price that was paid, and worse yet, no longer hold dear the principles which made our forefathers willing to pay that price in the first place. To confound matters even further, we are now facing an onslaught of pointy headed elitists who are educated beyond their capacity by so-called institutions of higher education who's real purpose is to indoctrinate, not educate.

The result is the constant tearing down of people whom we once aspired to emulate, be they enemies or allies, because their values are no longer held in public esteem by those who consider themselves worthy of making such a judgement. And the arrogance of people who perpetuate these attacks (another result of their institutional indoctrination) will not allow them to rationally evaluate the positions of people who oppose them, so they resort to psychological hyperbole to explain your views and attempt to reduce you to a hero-worshipper or groupie.

It takes an obscene amount of arrogance... arrogance by the bucketload... to face insurmountable historical evidence of an individual's accomplishments and heroism, and proceed to debunk them as something less because they have supposedly learned "the truth behind the legend."

There is obviously much historical work left to be done in many areas, but every once in a while, when someone writes history the first time, it turns out to be true... and the elitists just can't accept that.

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