The MAKING of Billy Bishop???

From the description of the book, more like the TEARING DOWN of Billy Bishop. To think, for the second time in history, ANOTHER Canadian tries to DESTROY the legend and Honour of one of Canada's Greatest Heroes.

For the SECOND TIME, Billy Bishop's World War One Combat record is called a lie.

For the Second Time, the judgement to award him the Victoria Cross for his early morning raid of 2 June, 1917, is called into question.

For the second time, Billy Bishop, himself is called a Cheat and a liar.

When will this hero-bashing end? When will the lies and innuendo against Air Marshal Bishop stop? What will it take to stop the nay sayers from their smear campaign?

I had hoped that with the book, "Knights Of The Air," by David Bashow, that the question would have been put to rest. Of course, it wasn't. The one thing that people do not like is when you point out their mistakes. Either they call your evidence poppycock, or they just ignore you completely.

This latest book, "The Making of Billy Bishop," by Brereton Greenhous, a former Historian with the Canadian Department of National Defence, says nothing new that I am aware of. But I ask you, do not take my word for it. Wait until it is released, reportedly on or about 1 June, 2002. Naturally, they are trying to cash in on the 85th anniversary of Bishop's famous VC flight.

If you plan to by it, I suggest you get it from They're selling it for $13.99 USD. And, I want to point out that while I have a link from here directly to the book, I am in NO WAY making any money from this link. In fact, I REFUSE to receive a dime from Amazon for "promoting" the book here. I am simply doing this as a public service, nothing more, nothing less.

I will tell you all this, I do intend to buy it, when it is released so that I can properly critque it. So, if you want to wait for my comments on the book, that way you don't have to worry about supporting a Bishop basher. I wouldn't do it, if I could avoid it. But, to properly review it, I should read it myself. So, keep watching for my review of the full book probably middle or late June.

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