A Response to a Contrary Opinion on Billy Bishop

The following letter was received by me through email on the date shown below. I waited until I had the author's permission to publish it as part of my site.

While I should point out that the opinions expressed below are those of the author's, for the most part I agree with them. - A.L.

April 24, 2002

Dear Mr. Revell:

I am so glad we have had men of Billy Bishop’s quality of character to defend us in WW1 and WW2. If it were not for our Canadian war heroes, and I do refer to all Canadians that fought on the land, sea and air, we would not have the freedom to defend or refute our heroes’ war record.

With all due respect, to a fellow historian and aviation buff, I choose to disagree with your views.

You have failed in pointing out that Bishop lied about his scores, simply because you could not find adequate German records to back up all his claims. I believe Mr.Chadderton, quite eloquently pointed out that the reason why there are inadequate records is because during the second war, many of the records where destroyed.

As for some of Bishops contemporaries, not believing Bishop was truthful. You surely must understand that they may have had petty jealousies and other personal reasons why they might not be truthful. I am sure you know that, for instance, politicians, movies stars are built up only to be ridiculed by the media or competitors at a later date.

In the first paragraph of your argument, you make the statement: “Has it ever occurred to them to question what possible motive the so called detractors could have in putting forward the results of their research.”

I can answer with a resounding yes. I believe this is just my humble opinion; the motive of the writer is to sell books. The government supports this because they no longer work in the interests of the people. The government has tried to be-little our veterans ever since Trudeau came to power in 68.

Why, you may ask. It again is simple. Trudeau was a coward. He did not serve his country when we needed men at the front. He spouted off his socialist ideals and corrupted our economy and our connections with the mother country.

It has been the unofficial policy of the Federal government to discredit our Canadian-British heritage for the last 30-40 years. Revisionist historians help to achieve this, while they would never come out and admit it; I believe it is their goal.

You cannot say that a man did not accomplish something, just because you cannot find German records to substantiate your claims. There are certainly adequate Canadian records and witnesses to back up Bishops.

Men, like Air Marshall Bishop, give me pride in being Canadian. It is the revisionists that make me feel ashamed.

In closing, ask yourself this. With all the Canadians that fought gallantly during the war. Why would the military need to fictionalize a hero?

Yours truly,

Thomas Pratt

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