Order Pour le Merite

The Aerodrome Pour le Merite is hereby presented to:

Hauptmann Scott Hamilton

For conspicuous gallantry in the realm of cyber combat, for unexcelled leadership, undaunted courage, infinite patience, and innovative methods on the site which he did, alone and unassisted, produce of his own volition. Assembling a disparate and often contentious group of cyber fliers. Hauptmann Hamilton has welded them into the finest group of Great War aviation students on the Western Net. Not only has his leadership and example led to exceptional growth of the Forum, but it has prompted additional staffels such as the well-known Legion of Lowe.

Therefore, we the following members of the Imperial Net Staff attach our names with admiration and respect in bestowing upon Hauptmann Hamilton not only the Aerodrome Pour le Merite, but the honored title of:

Kommodore der Forum.

Scott Hamilton

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