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I was not aware of Michael Collins until the movie of the same name came out. When I saw it, I was deeply moved. I saw a man, who as a member of the IRA was a TRUE patriot. Not like some who are nothing more than terrorists. This man fought to get freedom for his country. And then, when they had their freedom, he had to fight to keep it together.

When the Irish Freestate was created, this was what many saw as the beginning of Irish independance. Unfortunately, there were some who wanted more. They wanted a true republic, and not a "puppet" of England. They were too short sighted to understand that you take what you can get, and keep working for the ultimate goal. This goal was reached, unfortunately, Michael Collins did not live to see it. Michael Collins was ambushed and murdered by those who not long before had fought with him to through off the yoke of the English.

The short sightedness of some deprived Ireland of a great Statesman and Patriot when they needed him most.

Unfortunately, it looks like short sightedness will prevail again in Northern Ireland. Many of those in today's IRA can't see that a peaceful solution is close at hand. They would rather shoot than talk. But in all fairness, it's not just them. There are also radical Protestant forces that are to blame as well. Attacking school children does nothing for your cause.

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The picture came from http://ireland.iol.ie/~obrienc/ and is one of the few known pictures taken of Michael Collins.