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As long as people remember the American wild west of the 19th century, people will remember and discuss Gen. Custer and the battle of the Little Big Horn. And people will either be for Custer, or against him. All you have to do is bring up Custer in one of the usenet American Civil War newsgroups and you will get all kinds of arguments started.

I can't really recall when I was first aware of the History of Custer. I think the first time I saw anything referencing him at all was a fast food place called "Custard's Last Stand". It had a fancy representation of the Battle of the Little Big Horn as part of the sign. I was about 7 or 8 years old. I remember asking my dad "who was Gen. Custard?".

It was 5 more years before I found out it wasn't Gen. Custard, but CUSTER. Regardless of starting with the wrong name, I did eventually get interested in the story of Gen. Custer. This was mostly thanks to a movie I saw, "They Died with Their Boots On", Starring Errol Flynn as Gen. Custer. I thought as I watched the movie, "how silly of the Army to promote a man from 2nd Lieutenant to Brigadier General, all through a paperwork mistake." Of course, that's not how it happened, and I found this out after I went to the library and found a book on Gen. Custer.

Once I found out what how he was really promoted, my respect for him only grew. I do however find it ironic to think that if not for his single defeat at the Little Big Horn, he would likely have passed on into anonymity as just another flashy Civil War hero.

I'm not going to repeat information here that you can find on other Custer links. This is just my way of saying how much I admire General Custer, and his many accomplishments. You don't need to point out his mistakes, I'm aware of those as well. So if you'll pardon me, I'll simply honor him for who he was, and what he did, and forgive him any mistakes he might have made. For whether you see him as a villain, or hero, he paid the ultimate price in service to his country.

Custer on the History Channel

There was a recent (July 1998)airing on The History Channel of the Biography of General Custer. It was, I thought one of the more unbiased examinations of his life and the battle at the Little Bighorn. We were reminded that at the time, defeat was not on ANYONE's mind. From the theater commander, Gen. Sheridan, on down. What the field commanders were most afraid of was that the Indians would get away. And this particular TV presentation pointed out that Custer did NOT disobey orders. So I don't want to hear anyone saying that load of bull crap again!

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