Fighter Pilot Ace Lists

There are many stories about where the term "ACE" came from, in reference to fighter pilots who shot down 5 or more enemy aircraft. Rather than re-hash that which is most certainly legend, I shall only state that as far as is known, the first "Ace" was French.

I decided since everyone else has their ace list, I might as well start my own. Since I've seen some things I didn't like about others, and when I point things out, they are slow to get fixed. At any rate, I'll start with the WWI fighter aces of the British Empire, and expand from there. Needless to say, there are things that some of us will disagree on. If you can prove your point, I'll make changes. If you can't, well, start your own list. ;-)

Aces List

WWII Aces of the Imperial Japanese Navy
WWII Aces of the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force
WWI Aces of the British Empire
WWI Aces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire

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