MY List of Heroes

This page will be changing from time to time, as this list of heroes grows. Some of the people on this list will have a page here. Some will be linked to other sites. If you have questions about ANY of the people listed here send me email.

Other than the first 11 listed below, none of the others are in any particular order.

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  1. My dad
  2. My Uncle Albert
  3. William A. "Billy" Bishop,VC
  4. Robert S. Johnson
  5. Audie L. Murphy
  6. Lance C. Wade, DSO
  7. Saburo Sakai, Samurai!
  8. George Armstrong Custer
  9. George S. Patton Jr.
  10. Charles E. Yeager
  11. Ronald Reagan
  12. Arthur Roy Brown, DSC
  13. William G. "Will" Barker,VC
  14. Edward C. "Mick" Mannock,VC
  15. Robert A. Little, DSO
  16. Indra Lal "Laddie" Roy,DFC
  17. Edward V. Rickenbacker
  18. Lanoe G. Hawker, VC
  19. Michael Collins
  20. The Men and Women of the NYC PD and FD
  21. William Mays Fry, MC

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Created: January 14, 1998
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